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Clinical Relevance of Information Index
30 One year of once-daily doxycycline does not reduce exacerbation frequency in adults with moderate to severe COPD 51 % (n=803)
29 Conservative treatment of first-degree perineal tears after delivery is a reasonable option 20 % (n=739)
28 No increased risk of esophageal cancer with nonerosive gastroesophageal reflux 56 % (n=814)
27 POCUS is accurate in diagnosing small bowel obstruction in adults 28 % (n=808)
24 Tight glucose control does not decrease ICU care or deaths in patients without parenteral nutrition (TGC-Fast) 21 % (n=799)
23 No benefit from additional statin loading before CABG in adults already receiving statin therapy 25 % (n=827)
22 In patients with HF-pEF, obesity, and no diabetes, semaglutide causes weight loss, symptom improvement, and fewer cardiac events (STEP-HFpEF) 48 % (n=867)
21 Certain hormonal contraceptives increase thromboembolism risk when taken with NSAIDs 53 % (n=883)
20 Network analysis finds oral isotretinoin most effective for acne vulgaris 56 % (n=812)
17 Antibiotic prophylaxis for vesicoureteral reflux in infants prevents UTI, but two-thirds of untreated infants had no UTI in 2 years 29 % (n=769)
16 No association between stimulant treatment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and substance use 52 % (n=717)
15 Acetazolamide added to loop diuretics improves decongestion in acute heart failure, irrespective of baseline renal function 39 % (n=716)
14 Herbal combination might be effective for nonpulsatile tinnitus 31 % (n=694)
13 Atogepant prevents acute headaches in adults with chronic migraines 38 % (n=746)
10 Nicotine replacement with e-cigarettes might help smokers quit 54 % (n=910)
09 USPSTF 2023: Screen pregnant persons for hypertensive disorders throughout pregnancy (B recommendation) 52 % (n=913)
08 Solanezumab does not slow cognitive or functional decline in persons with amyloid deposition but normal cognition 28 % (n=853)
07 Insufficient evidence that progestogen maintenance prolongs pregnancy after preterm labor 18 % (n=837)
06 Improved outcomes with complete revascularization in older adults with myocardial infarction (FIRE) 39 % (n=919)
03 Smartphone app may decrease unhealthy alcohol use among college students 36 % (n=932)
02 Rh testing and treatment are unnecessary after induced first-trimester abortion 35 % (n=919)
01 Normal defecation patterns in young healthy children vary by age, diet, and place of residence 48 % (n=931)
31 Terbinafine 250 mg once daily — 12 weeks on, 12 weeks off, 4 weeks on — is preferred for onychomycosis in adults 61 % (n=981)
30 Medication abortion is relatively safe and effective through 16 weeks' gestation 34 % (n=923)
27 Nearly zero risk of sexually transmitting HIV when viral loads are less than 1000 copies per mL 33 % (n=968)
26 Single course of antenatal steroids associated with small increased incidence of serious infection in infants 21 % (n=900)
25 Once-and-done screening colonoscopy has higher rates of adherence than yearly fecal-based blood testing 51 % (n=1007)
25 Imiquimod is effective for treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 or 3 24 % (n=915)
24 HPV testing in women aged 65 to 69 years seems to decrease cervical cancer rates 42 % (n=920)
23 USPSTF 2023: All persons planning to or could become pregnant should take daily folic acid supplement (A recommendation) 60 % (n=988)
20 Doxycycline and (probably) minocycline do not stain teeth of children 45 % (n=985)
19 Adult thymectomy is associated with increased risks for death and cancer 20 % (n=920)
18 Intensive treatment of elevated blood pressure in hospitalized patients associated with adverse events 43 % (n=960)
17 Amoxicillin oral challenge is safe and accessible for removing erroneous penicillin allergy label 60 % (n=1000)
16 Higher risk of bleeding events associated with concomitant use of amiodarone and direct oral anticoagulants 38 % (n=925)
13 Overweight/obese adults with symptomatic COVID-19 treated with metformin are less likely to develop long COVID (COVID-OUT) 41 % (n=955)
12 No sustained changes in IQ following pediatric concussion 47 % (n=940)
11 USPSTF 2023: Evidence insufficient to recommend lipid screening in children and adolescents (I statement) 46 % (n=918)
10 Treatment with magnesium prior to preterm birth at 30–34 weeks' is not neuroprotective 17 % (n=885)
09 All-cause mortality lower with high-dose hemofiltration than with conventional hemodialysis in adults with kidney failure 16 % (n=851)
06 Consider not screening average-risk adults aged 45-49 years for colorectal cancer; stick to usual means of screening 60 % (n=912)
05 Children with uncomplicated UTIs treated with 10 days vs 5 days of antibiotics have fewer treatment failures (SCOUT) 51 % (n=934)
04 Limited data suggest platelet-rich plasma injections offer short-term pain relief in adults with hip degenerative joint disease 39 % (n=922)
03 Fixed-dose pitavastatin reduces cardiovascular events in patients with HIV: NNT = 82 over 5 years (REPRIEVE) 19 % (n=876)
02 No benefit to bypass surgery vs medical treatment for symptomatic carotid/cerebral artery occlusion/insufficiency (CMOSS) 36 % (n=948)
29 Opioids = placebo in adults with acute nonspecific low back or neck pain (OPAL) 65 % (n=991)
28 2023 American Geriatric Society update on potentially inappropriate medication use in the elderly (Beers List) 64 % (n=878)
27 No good treatments available for gastroparesis symptoms 49 % (n=977)
26 Cervical pessary is not beneficial for the prevention of preterm birth, may be harmful 18 % (n=881)
25 Recombinant human prourokinase is comparable with alteplase in treatment of acute ischemic stroke (PROST) 21 % (n=843)
22 Incisional microdosed clindamycin reduces the risk of skin cancer surgical site infection 21 % (n=873)
21 Monthly vitamin D supplementation slightly decreases risks for cardiovascular events without increased adverse effects 52 % (n=963)
20 Amoxicillin is no more likely to cause rash than any other antibiotic in patients with mononucleosis 51 % (n=980)
18 Varenicline effective for improving vaping cessation rate in adults 52 % (n=936)
15 Healthful behaviors associated with lower likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes 67 % (n=939)
14 Testosterone does not increase major adverse cardiac events, but does increase risk of AFib, PE, acute kidney injury, and arrhythmia (TRAVERSE) 49 % (n=929)
13 Hearing aids are more effective than education at reducing cognitive decline in highly selected elders but not the general population 41 % (n=905)
12 Reduction in emergency department visits and readmissions with postpartum hypertension management protocol 31 % (n=865)
11 The development of egg allergy is unaffected by maternal egg intake during neonatal period 42 % (n=919)
08 Limited amount and quality of data on medications for treating neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia 51 % (n=903)
07 Herbal infusion seems effective in reducing risk of death from sepsis (EXIT-SEP) 16 % (n=879)
06 In high-risk patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dupilumab slightly reduces moderate exacerbation (BOREAS) 31 % (n=873)
05 Adipose-derived stem cell injections provide borderline meaningful pain relief in adults with knee degenerative joint disease 34 % (n=895)
04 Paroxetine is an effective treatment for refractory erythema in adults with rosacea 41 % (n=957)
01 Acupuncture improves sleep quality in cancer survivors with sleep disorders and chronic pain (PEACE) 34 % (n=890)
31 Long-term average HbA1c greater than 9% in adults with T2DM associated with increased risk of dementia 62 % (n=973)
30 We should use a much higher leukocyte cutoff to diagnose UTI in older women 62 % (n=950)
29 Early treatment of gestational diabetes is modestly beneficial for neonatal and maternal outcomes 38 % (n=917)
28 USPSTF 2023: Screening recommended for anxiety in adults, including in pregnant and postpartum persons (B recommendation) 54 % (n=915)
25 Mediterranean and low-fat diets minimally decrease mortality in patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease 61 % (n=977)
24 Most people tolerate bedtime thiazide diuretics 50 % (n=965)
23 Decreased disability with early intensive care bundle for patients presenting with acute hemorrhagic stroke 31 % (n=917)
22 Single tests are not very reliable in differentiating causes in patients with acute hot joints 47 % (n=978)
21 Cholesterol-reducer evolocumab associated with a nonsignificant increase in cardiovascular mortality (FOURIER) 37 % (n=923)
18 Tirofiban improves outcomes in patients with small vessel occlusion strokes who are not eligible for thrombolysis 24 % (n=871)
17 Functional outcomes for pediatric arm fracture just as good with initial POCUS instead of initial radiography (BUCKLED) 28 % (n=916)
16 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure readings: more informative for the risks of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality 61 % (n=991)
15 Low maternal and neonatal complications after Keilland’s rotational forceps delivery 14 % (n=862)
14 Mifepristone effective and safe for the treatment of adenomyosis with pain symptoms 36 % (n=902)
11 Direct oral anticoagulants are noninferior to low-molecular-weight heparin to prevent recurrent VTE in adults with cancer 49 % (n=979)
10 Bone anabolic treatments reduce fractures to a greater extent than bisphosphonates in women at high risk 51 % (n=957)
09 Early anticoagulation after ischemic stroke is a safe strategy (ELAN) 45 % (n=961)
08 Ketamine noninferior to ECT for nonpsychotic treatment-resistant major depression, with some advantages (ELEKT-D) 37 % (n=943)
07 Exercise in healthy postmenopausal women lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure by tiny amounts 52 % (n=932)
04 USPSTF 2023: Screening recommended for depression in adults, including in pregnant and postpartum persons (B recommendation) 55 % (n=923)
03 Explanation of depression as an adaptation to surroundings better accepted by patients than depression as a disease 62 % (n=971)
02 Anticholinergics, honey, and antitussives ineffective for cough from acute bronchitis in underpowered study 60 % (n=933)
01 Aspiration for primary pneumothorax: higher failure rate than drainage, but less pain 26 % (n=921)
31 Subsequent colon cancer is rare in older patients with polyps 61 % (n=976)
28 Early return to activity improves symptoms in children with concussion 55 % (n=950)
27 High prevalence of positive blood culture in children with fever and acute lower extremity pain 30 % (n=945)
26 Pregnancy complications can be identified using masked ultrasound sweeps 16 % (n=881)
25 Withholding platelet transfusion from thrombocytopenic patients with central venous catheters = more bleeding events 0 % (n=29)
24 Music therapy does not improve parent-infant bonding among preterm infants 18 % (n=897)
21 A daily multivitamin has modest impact on memory in older adults (COSMOS-WEB) 54 % (n=980)
20 International guideline: Contact children of abused children should be formally evaluated 27 % (n=924)
19 USPSTF 2023: Screening recommended for latent tuberculosis infection in adults at increased risk (B recommendation) 41 % (n=917)
18 Emodepside highly effective against whipworm and hookworm in humans and appears safe 20 % (n=867)
17 Maternal epilepsy is associated with worse birth outcomes 26 % (n=935)
14 Tailored exercise program improves function and reduces pain due to knee osteoarthritis 61 % (n=970)
13 Prophylactic amoxicillin-clavulanate does not reduce mortality in patients with severe alcohol-related hepatitis 23 % (n=954)
12 Epicutaneous patch immunotherapy reduces severity of peanut allergy reactions and increases eliciting dose 31 % (n=908)
11 Systemic corticosteroids reduce need for ICU or mechanical ventilation in patients with community-acquired pneumonia 36 % (n=932)
10 Point-of-care bilirubin testing in neonates is faster and uses less blood, but is less precise, than lab-based testing 22 % (n=895)
07 Rivaroxaban is effective and safe for thromboprophylaxis after bariatric surgery 24 % (n=929)
06 Older treatments for type 2 diabetes do not affect patient-oriented outcomes 63 % (n=936)
05 No difference in major vascular complications with different blood pressure strategies after noncardiac surgery (POISE-3) 29 % (n=896)
04 Intravenous hydrocortisone reduces all-cause mortality in severe community-acquired pneumonia (CAPE COD) 36 % (n=952)
03 Patients with surgically treated first acute anterior shoulder dislocation have less instability than those treated nonsurgically 32 % (n=940)
30 Acute hospitalization of near-death patients can result in unnecessary suffering 51 % (n=979)
29 Active surveillance reduces the need for surgery, with no change in mortality, at the price of a small increase of metastatic disease (ProtecT) 51 % (n=925)
28 Fezolinetant: promising treatment for menopausal vasomotor symptoms (SKYLIGHT 1) 46 % (n=907)
27 USPSTF 2023: Insufficient evidence for skin cancer screening in asymptomatic adolescents and adults (I statement) 54 % (n=945)
23 M-CHAT is fairly sensitive and specific for detecting autism spectrum disorders in toddlers 32 % (n=881)
22 Bivalent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine given to mothers reduces total and severe RSV infections in infants 41 % (n=922)
21 Asymptomatic atherosclerosis found on CTA is associated with increased risk of myocardial infarction 47 % (n=963)
20 The terms "addiction" or "substance use" preferred by patients receiving methadone 47 % (n=961)
16 RSV vaccine is safe and effective in adults 60 years and older, but the absolute risk reduction is small 46 % (n=958)
15 No difference in invasive strategy or medical management for older, frail patients with NSTEMI 42 % (n=945)
14 Postexposure prophylaxis with doxycycline in men who have sex with men and transgender women with or at risk of HIV reduces STI risk (NNT = 5) 36 % (n=935)
13 mRNA vaccine in children aged 5 to 11 years is associated with fewer symptomatic COVID-19 infections and less multisystem inflammatory syndrome 56 % (n=989)
09 Bempedoic acid 180 mg reduces risk of nonfatal myocardial infarction and revascularization; NNT = 42 in primary prevention group (CLEAR) 42 % (n=921)
08 More melatonin and CBD in melatonin gummies than indicated by the product label 47 % (n=1011)
07 Thrombectomy leads to improved functionality in patients with large ischemic strokes 33 % (n=977)
06 Discectomy for sciatica provides short-term relief for leg pain 50 % (n=993)
02 Effective strategies for the prevention of preeclampsia and pregnancy-induced hypertension 32 % (n=912)
01 Vaginal swabs are slightly more sensitive than urine samples for detecting chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis in women 58 % (n=1021)
31 A deprescribing intervention for hospitalized older adults reduces polypharmacy (Shed-MEDS) 55 % (n=972)
30 American College of Physicians guidelines for the treatment of acute depression in adults 65 % (n=983)
26 Polypill does not slow cognitive decline in older adults at intermediate cardiovascular risk (TIPS-3) 43 % (n=976)
25 Hydrochlorothiazide does not reduce the risk of kidney stone recurrence (NOSTONE) 45 % (n=1017)
23 Limited benefit for routine cervical cancer screening with co-testing versus HPV testing alone 44 % (n=954)
22 Outcomes of a constipation action plan are comparable with usual care in children with functional constipation 44 % (n=922)
19 A tailored web-based system of managing BPPV is more effective than a generic video 48 % (n=897)
18 Fewer new clots using high-dose prophylactic anticoagulation for patients with hypoxemic COVID-19 pneumonia (ANTICOVID) 26 % (n=908)
16 Walking and holding followed by sitting and holding is the best method to help crying infants fall asleep 48 % (n=964)
15 Postpartum IUD placement at 2 to 4 weeks is noninferior to placement at 6 to 8 weeks, with caveats 35 % (n=928)
12 90% of ankle arthroplasties last 5 years 30 % (n=907)
11 Nirmatrelvir-ritonavir (Paxlovid) continues to provide a benefit, especially in the elderly and less vaccinated 63 % (n=1020)
10 Useful history, physical, and laboratory findings for predicting secondary hypertension in children and adolescents 35 % (n=943)
09 Rescreening interval after initial negative colonoscopy may be extended beyond 10 years 57 % (n=1061)
05 Steps to recognize and manage angry and disruptive patients 69 % (n=1091)
04 Overuse alert: treat-to-target LDL strategy of statin dosing is noninferior to high-intensity dosing 62 % (n=1055)
03 Vitamin D supplementation slightly reduces diabetes diagnoses in at-risk adults 50 % (n=1084)
02 Augmentation with aripiprazole or bupropion, or a switch to nortriptyline, effective for treatment-resistant depression in older adults 54 % (n=1020)
01 Intranasal zavegepant is moderately superior to placebo for acute migraine in adults 41 % (n=974)
28 Brief behavioral therapy improves sleep in older adults with chronic insomnia 59 % (n=1021)
27 ACG guideline on managing acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding 46 % (n=1014)
26 Pharmacogenetic panel decreases medication-related adverse events in adults 29 % (n=983)
25 Early invasive strategy does not reduce mortality for moderate to severe ischemic heart disease after 5.8 years (ISCHEMIA-EXTEND) 43 % (n=1009)
24 No difference in outcomes with restrictive versus liberal fluid strategy for sepsis-induced hypotension 31 % (n=1007)
21 Sudden hearing loss not linked to COVID-19 infection or vaccination 45 % (n=1035)
20 USPSTF 2023: Recommendation against screening for genital HSV infection in asymptomatic patients (D statement) 50 % (n=1002)
19 Letrozole more efficacious than clomiphene for infertility treatment among individuals with polycystic ovarian syndrome 25 % (n=979)
18 New oral analogue to remdesivir is similarly effective to nirmatrelvir-ritonavir for mild to moderate symptomatic COVID-19 37 % (n=984)
17 Supervised exercise is effective for some patients with depression 57 % (n=1049)
14 Among antidepressants, only serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors are effective for pain 66 % (n=1110)
13 Low FODMAPS diet is better than an oral spasmolytic for irritable bowel syndrome (NNT = 7 – 9) 59 % (n=1080)
12 Ultrasound-guided genicular nerve blocks provide short-term pain relief in adults with knee degenerative joint disease 40 % (n=982)
11 Most recurrences of acute otitis media occur within 10 months 50 % (n=1013)
07 Rounding first on discharging patients does not lead to earlier discharge times or shorter length of stay 31 % (n=1044)
06 Enterosgel effective for irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (NNT = 8) 43 % (n=1006)
05 No aspirin = aspirin after 24 weeks’ gestation in some pregnancies at high risk for preeclampsia 26 % (n=1025)
04 Practice guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding children with obesity 45 % (n=1013)
03 Meta-analysis: Carotid artery stenting has similar long-term outcomes as endarterectomy but at the cost of more perioperative strokes 28 % (n=1028)
31 Older patients with atrial fibrillation treated with DOACs have fewer strokes and systemic emboli than those treated with vitamin K antagonists 66 % (n=1117)
30 Decreased hospitalization with point-of-care risk stratification and early follow-up for acute heart failure 33 % (n=484)
29 Recommendations for care outpace the time available for a typical primary care practice 56 % (n=529)
28 Patients with congenital ventricular septal defect have lower survival than general population 26 % (n=869)
27 Minimal benefit with adding antimuscarinics to alpha-blockers for benign prostatic hyperplasia 54 % (n=1037)
24 Umbilical cord milking may benefit nonvigorous newborns 19 % (n=1008)
22 Guidelines for the perioperative management of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents (ACCP) 57 % (n=995)
21 Limited data: levetiracetam, ketogenic diet, and modified Atkins diet decrease seizure frequency in children younger than 3 years with epilepsy 18 % (n=962)
20 Higher positive screen rate for gestational diabetes with fasting vs fed 1-hour glucose tolerance test 38 % (n=988)
17 Twice-daily low-dose aspirin is similar to enoxaparin for thromboprophylaxis after inpatient treatment for fracture (PREVENT CLOT) 39 % (n=1090)
16 Mindfulness-based stress reduction is noninferior to escitalopram for adults with anxiety disorder 59 % (n=1095)
14 No benefit with torsemide over furosemide for posthospitalization treatment of heart failure (TRANSFORM-HF) 30 % (n=1005)
13 Chlorthalidone no better than hydrochlorothiazide for hypertension 57 % (n=1127)
10 Fluvoxamine is not effective for improving time to recovery in adults with mild to moderate COVID-19 44 % (n=1081)
09 American College of Gastroenterology guideline for evaluating and managing patients with celiac disease 58 % (n=1081)
08 Time to lactogenesis stage II is noninferior with immediate vs delayed etonogestrel implant insertion 19 % (n=959)
06 Of 27 micronutrient supplements, only a few reduce mortality and cardiovascular risk 56 % (n=1103)
02 Lecanemab does not significantly improve cognition in early Alzheimer's disease, is expensive, and causes brain edema and hemorrhage in some patients 39 % (n=1034)
01 Risk score app accurately classifies COVID-19 outpatients who do not require testing or imaging 50 % (n=1018)
28 British Society of Gastroenterology guidelines for the evaluation and management of dyspepsia 60 % (n=1051)
27 Semaglutide once weekly helps adolescents lose weight, but 4% developed acute cholelithiasis 41 % (n=1087)
24 In patients with chronic limb-threatening ischemia, surgical revascularization is better than endovascular therapy (BEST-CLI) 25 % (n=1016)
23 For men with PSA > 3.0, limiting biopsy to lesions seen on MRI appears to be safe 42 % (n=1065)
22 No benefit and potential harm with increasing early mobilization in mechanically ventilated patients 15 % (n=998)
21 Outcomes for prednisolone = placebo in children with acute Bell's palsy (PREDICT) 28 % (n=1032)
20 IV hydromorphone slightly better than IV acetaminophen for severe pain, but neither is very effective 36 % (n=1092)
17 Familiarity among residents and nurses improves some aspects of team performance over time 33 % (n=1009)
16 Extending the duration of prequit treatment with varenicline does not improve smoking quit rate 53 % (n=1017)
15 Biomarkers associated with greater risk of progression to MCI or dementia in adults with subjective cognitive decline 33 % (n=1019)
14 Improved outcomes with azithromycin vs beta-lactams for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 54 % (n=1053)
13 No evidence that wearing eyeglasses in public reduces the risk of acquiring COVID-19 46 % (n=1090)
10 Limited, low-quality studies find probiotics provide short-term relief in proxy measures of halitosis 31 % (n=1003)
09 ADA/EASD updated guidelines: glycemic control is only part of the management of type 2 diabetes 69 % (n=1051)
08 H. pylori eradication provides short-term prevention of aspirin-induced peptic ulcer bleeding in older adults (HEAT) 44 % (n=1035)
07 Neither mindfulness training nor exercise improve memory or executive function in older adults 49 % (n=1173)
06 Diet and exercise counseling does not reduce cardiovascular or all-cause mortality associated with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes 58 % (n=1153)
03 Betahistine is ineffective for the treatment of primary tinnitus 49 % (n=1182)
02 HP eradication: effective for cure (NNT = 14) or improvement (NNT = 9) of functional dyspepsia, especially if eradication is confirmed (NNT = 6) 58 % (n=1181)
01 Two-year outcomes in adults with acute Achilles tendon ruptures are similar with PRP and placebo 31 % (n=1158)
31 Tell patients their new knee won't wear out sooner with hard use 55 % (n=1188)
30 Early initiation of direct oral anticoagulants after acute stroke with atrial fibrillation is at least as good as later initiation 39 % (n=1150)
27 Perioperative gabapentin use after major surgery is associated with increased delirium 33 % (n=1172)
26 Diagnostic accuracy of general practitioners' "gut feelings" 59 % (n=1206)
25 Financial incentives improve smoking cessation rates during pregnancy (CPIT III) 30 % (n=1097)
24 Moderate or better evidence for specific cannabinoids for chronic pain, Tourette, epilepsy, spasticity, sleep, Parkinson, and other conditions 42 % (n=1127)
23 Putting children to bed earlier increases sleep duration 47 % (n=1203)
20 More evidence that even small amounts of caffeine consumption during pregnancy affect childhood growth 48 % (n=1155)
19 Single-dose psilocybin is beneficial in the short term for treatment-resistant depression 34 % (n=1164)
18 Still no evidence of increased cardiovascular risk with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder medications 57 % (n=1201)
17 Two studies: another amyloid-directed therapy (crenezumab) does not improve cognition in early Alzheimer disease 39 % (n=1067)
16 U.S. Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense guidelines on the treatment of major depressive disorder 46 % (n=1079)
13 Majority of CIN2 regress in women aged 25 to 30 years 40 % (n=1136)
12 Abandoning masking in schools during the omicron wave increased COVID-19 incidence 59 % (n=1215)
11 Oral steroids are not effective for improving olfactory function after COVID-19 48 % (n=1206)
10 Targeting different oxygen saturation goals for mechanically ventilated patients does not impact clinical outcomes 20 % (n=1099)
09 Use of ACEIs and ARBs in advanced chronic kidney disease does not worsen, and may improve, renal outcomes 58 % (n=1208)
06 Asthma education decreases hospitalizations and emergency department visits in kids 54 % (n=1149)
05 Balloon catheter induction associated with more favorable neonatal outcomes than vaginal prostaglandins 18 % (n=1076)
04 USPSTF 2022: Insufficient evidence to recommend screening for obstructive sleep apnea (I statement) 57 % (n=1186)
03 Invitation to a single colonoscopy has only modest impact on colorectal cancer incidence (NordICC) 49 % (n=1140)
02 Morning and bedtime dosing of antihypertensives have similar rates of major cardiovascular events (TIME) 67 % (n=1232)

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