Most people tolerate bedtime thiazide diuretics

Clinical Question

Do patients who use once-daily thiazide diuretics tolerate bedtime dosing?

Bottom line

A total of 77% of patients who switched daily dosing of single-dose thiazide diuretic medication from morning to night self-reported adherence to nighttime dosing after 6 months, despite the fact that nocturia was more frequent. This was only 13% lower than among the group whose regimen didn’t include a thiazide diuretic. The study may overestimate the tolerability of nighttime diuretic dosing because patients who had nocturia, or had already tried and didn’t tolerate nighttime dosing, would be unlikely to have been willing to participate in the study. 2b

Study design: Cohort (prospective)

Funding: Government

Setting: Outpatient (primary care)


Linda Speer, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

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Arup Kumar Dhara

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most people tolerate night time thiazide diuretics

Useful study to know that this switch is feasible for most patients.


night time thiazide diuretics

relevant for some patients.


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