Mifepristone effective and safe for the treatment of adenomyosis with pain symptoms

Clinical Question

Is mifepristone effective and safe for the treatment of women with adenomyosis and significant pain symptoms?

Bottom line

This study found that mifepristone (which is currently difficult to obtain in the United States) is effective and safe for the treatment of adenomyosis, including both the primary outcome of dysmenorrhea and the secondary outcomes of heavy menstrual bleeding and anemia remission. Follow-up only occurred for 3 months, so long-term outcomes remain uncertain. 1b

Study design: Randomized controlled trial (double-blinded)

Funding: Foundation

Setting: Outpatient (any)


David C. Slawson, MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Family Medicine for Education and Scholarship
Atrium Health
Professor of Family Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill
Charlotte, NC

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Arup Kumar Dhara

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