Adult thymectomy is associated with increased risks for death and cancer

Clinical Question

What is the impact of thymectomy on the health of adults?

Bottom line

Maybe that thymus is busier than we thought! There's a clear association between thymectomy and increased risks for all-cause mortality, cancer, and possibly autoimmune disease. The implications for surgeons are clear: If you can, avoid cutting out the thymus. For primary care clinicians, it is less clear whether these patients would benefit from being monitored more closely than usual.  4

Study design: Case-control

Funding: Foundation

Setting: Population-based


Mark H. Ebell, MD, MS
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

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Arup Kumar Dhara

Impact assessment


Pierre-Paul Tellier


Surgeons should be encouraged to send detailed discharge summaries to the patient"s primary care physician. This is paramount if patients are to be appropriately followed.


adult thymectomy and risk of death

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Helps to be aware of it in my Immunocompromised patients

Patients with More complex medical conditions like PTSD , post Transplant and autoimmune disorders are seeking psychotherapy

Srishti Pandit Nigam

Helps to Rebalance ANS and theRole of Healthy Defensive Immune

Keeps me self aware with widening of my Bird’s Eye view of healthy Defenses when it comes to Healing process .

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