Amoxicillin oral challenge is safe and accessible for removing erroneous penicillin allergy label

Clinical Question

Is an amoxicillin oral provocation challenge safe and accessible for distinguishing an erroneous penicillin allergy label from a true one in adults and children?

Bottom line

This study reports the outcome of an amoxicillin oral provocation challenge (OPC) in 99 adults and children who were initially labeled as having a penicillin allergy and were subsequently identified by their history to be at low risk of a true allergy. A total of 96 patients (97%) completed the OPC with no reaction, resulting in removal of the erroneous allergy label. The 3 reactions were all mild and required minimal intervention (no epinephrine). Having primary care clinicians use this method to identify the millions of adults and children who are incorrectly labeled as having a penicillin allergy may result in significant health care savings from the use of less effective, more expensive, and/or less safe alternative antibiotics.  2b

Study design: Cohort (retrospective)

Funding: Self-funded or unfunded

Setting: Outpatient (any)


David C. Slawson, MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Family Medicine for Education and Scholarship
Atrium Health
Professor of Family Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill
Charlotte, NC

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