H. pylori eradication provides short-term prevention of aspirin-induced peptic ulcer bleeding in older adults (HEAT)

Clinical Question

Does the eradication of Helicobacter pylori prevent peptic ulcer bleeding in adults who are taking low-dose aspirin?

Bottom line

Adults 60 years or older who are taking low-dose aspirin and test positive for H. pylori have fewer peptic ulcer bleeds if the H. pylori is eradicated. This benefit is not evident after 2.5 years. 1b

Study design: Randomized controlled trial (double-blinded)

Funding: Government

Setting: Outpatient (primary care)


Henry C. Barry, MD, MS
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI

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H.Pylori Eradification

As per reviewers comments



Very good


325 mg ASA and + H pylori

We usually have patients who need ASA on 81 mg not 325 mg daily. I am wondering if the recommendation is that all patients on prophylactic ASA should be tested for H pylori .

Carole Ménard-Buteau

vocabulaire inapproprié dans le résumé du Dr. Barry: "fan

L'auteur du résumé semble avoir un parti pris contre cette étude (ou les auteurs) qui pourtant provient de la prestigieuse revue "Lancet" et utilise des mots dérogatoires.

Eric Nicholas Kaziuka

H. pylori and ASA induced bleeds

NNT is too high. Were participants randomly screened or did they present with dyspepsia?


Le NNT de 238 pour sauver un…

Le NNT de 238 pour sauver un ulcère est assez élevé