HP eradication: effective for cure (NNT = 14) or improvement (NNT = 9) of functional dyspepsia, especially if eradication is confirmed (NNT = 6)

Clinical Question

How effective is the eradication of Helicobacter pylori for the treatment of functional dyspepsia?

Bottom line

HP eradication is an effective treatment for cure or improvement of symptoms of functional dyspepsia, especially if there is evidence of successful HP eradication. 1a

Study design: Meta-analysis (randomized controlled trials)

Funding: Self-funded or unfunded

Setting: Outpatient (any)


Mark H. Ebell, MD, MS
University of Georgia
Athens, GA

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HP treatment effective

Encouraging research on the treatment of H. pylori. Success of treatment and lower likelihood of relapse



Le reflux gastro-intestinal est rencontré fréquemment et aller tester une personne pour la présence de helicobacter pylori en vaut la peine vu l’amélioration des symptômes!

Arup Kumar Dhara

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