Rescreening interval after initial negative colonoscopy may be extended beyond 10 years

Clinical Question

What is the rate of identification of colorectal cancer 10 or more years after an initial negative screening colonoscopy?

Bottom line

Rates of colon cancer prevalence 14 years or longer after an initial negative colonoscopy are only slightly increased (1.3 percentage points) over rates occurring at 10 years. Current recommendations for every-10-year screening for colon cancer with colonoscopy can likely be extended. And rescoping within 10 years makes even less sense. Until national guidelines change, maybe we should continue to offer repeat colonoscopy every 10 years but don’t push too hard. 1b

Study design: Cohort (prospective)

Funding: Government

Setting: Population-based


Allen F. Shaughnessy, PharmD, MMedEd
Professor of Family Medicine
Tufts University
Boston, MA

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Impact assessment

Very good

Pieter Richard Verbeek

Rescreening colonoscopy after great than 10 years

It would be interesting to expand the scope of this review by taking into account the use of FIT testing which could extend (or eliminate) need for rescreening altogether.


Re-Screening Colonoscopy

Is that with adjuvant FITs @ 2yr intervals or none at all?


FIT followup

In setting of repeat colonoscopy being 10 years or longer, is FIT necessary or appropriate during the intervening period?