Risk score app accurately classifies COVID-19 outpatients who do not require testing or imaging

Clinical Question

Can a simple risk score tool accurately predict outpatients with COVID-19 who do not subsequently require any laboratory testing or imaging?

Bottom line

A simple risk score derived by the authors uses only age, dyspnea, and comorbidity to accurately identify more than 60% of patients with the Omicron variant of COVID-19 as being at low risk — and does so without the burden of additional testing. The LOCH risk score is available online as a free app. 1b

Study design: Decision rule (validation)

Funding: Self-funded or unfunded

Setting: Population-based


David C. Slawson, MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Family Medicine for Education and Scholarship
Atrium Health
Professor of Family Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill
Charlotte, NC

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Very good


Couldnt find the app

I couldn't find the app to use it

Robert Wallace Shepherd

Risk score app predicts which patients with COVID do not req

It would be helpful if the criteria for which patients with COVID who do not require testing or imaging were included in the INFOPoem.