Mino Riad Mitri

His TEDMED experience

About Dr. Mino Mitri

Following his graduation from McGill University’s medical school in 2011, Dr. Mino Mitri obtained his specialty in Internal Medicine and Masters of Education from Queen’s University. His master’s thesis, Perceptions of Physicians on the Adoption of a Palliative Care Approach in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, fueled his passion to advocate for an earlier integration of a palliative approach to care for patients with any life-limiting illness.

Throughout his medical residency training with the University of British Columbia, Mino has gained diverse exposure to palliative medicine practices in several centres across Canada. He currently lives in Vancouver, BC, and is part of the first national cohort enrolled in the Royal College Subspecialty Program of Palliative Medicine. He is conducting research in the integration of a palliative care approach in patients with end-stage liver disease. His goal is to advance the field of palliative care in non-cancerous conditions.

The greatest health care innovation Mino has seen in recent history
“While at Queen’s University, I learned that Kingston General Hospital was one of the pioneers in including patients or patient advocates in most hospital committees in an effort to improve patient care and continue to work towards true “patient-centred care”. This resulted in a ripple of positive changes. For example, when re-evaluating the plans for expanding and renovating the outpatient waiting area, a patient advocate simply asked: “why should patients have to wait?”. This led to a review of patient scheduling and reframing the approach to outpatient care. To my understanding, including patients and advocates in hospital committees has since exploded across Canada.”

Mino Mitri