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Clinical excellence

In support of clinical excellence, Joule provides valuable continuing education opportunities and makes leading evidence-based clinical products and research available to members. Joule proudly collaborates with physician entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries of technology in health care and in particular in the virtual care space and extends exclusive offers to members to ensure their practice is at the forefront of modern science and medicine.

Commercial & Social Innovation

By design, Joule is an entrepreneurial company with the drive to fuel physician innovation. Joule’s innovation efforts include both commercial and social opportunities. Joule Commercial Innovation brings medical student, resident and physician-led innovations to market and creates strategic partnerships that lead to revenue generation and a sustainable organization with the ability to financially reinvest in innovation. Joule Social Innovation engages in activities, initiatives and products and services that drive social and member value, in Canada and around the world.

A social enterprise

Since April 2017, Joule has proudly delivered expanded opportunities to CMA’s more than 85,000 members without the support of membership fees. A social enterprise, Joule’s business model is designed to reinvest revenues back into product development to provide new or enhanced, relevant products and services that meet physicians’ personal and practice needs. Our commercial and social innovation portfolios help us balance the need for revenue generation with value production.

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