Recognize your commitment to leadership with the Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) certificate and Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE) credential.

Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) certificate

Every step you take in your leadership development counts. That’s why the Physician Leadership Institute has created a new certificate recognizing physicians that have taken courses to deepen their knowledge of fundamental leadership concepts, theories and skills.

Benefits of the PLI certificate

  • Demonstrates that you’ve acquired the knowledge you need to be an effective leader
  • Can be an asset as you progress into leadership positions
  • Can act as a stepping stone to CCPE

Requirements to apply

  • Completion of five PLI courses* (online, in person or in-house) within the last five years
  • Be a CMA member in good standing

Get certificate

*Courses must be two days or greater in length to count towards the certificate. Half-day and one-day courses can be combined to meet the two-day requirement. 

Canadian Certified Physician Executive credential

The Canadian Certified Physician Executive (CCPE) credential recognizes and advances physician leadership and excellence through a national, peer-generated, standards-based assessment process.

Those who earn the credential have demonstrated that they have the leadership capabilities, knowledge and skills needed to succeed ― and to direct, influence and orchestrate change in Canada's complex health care system.

Although certification is offered exclusively by the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL), one way to qualify for the CCPE credential is by completing CMA Joule’s Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) courses.

You may qualify if you have:

  • taken at least 10 days of PLI leadership development courses within the past 10 years;
  • a minimum five years of senior or executive health care leadership experience, with a focus on the LEADS domains of Developing Coalitions and Systems Transformation; and
  • a minimum 20 additional continuing professional development credits from other accredited leadership activities and/or programs. These could include additional PLI physician leadership courses and/or accredited conferences.

To learn more about the credential and find out if you qualify, please visit  http://ccpecredential.ca or e-mail deirdre@physicianleaders.ca.

“Physician leadership and getting the CCPE credential was a warm and welcome reminder of the great value that physicians bring forward as leaders in society. It has enhanced my energy and drive to be an even better leader in health, helping colleagues and society work harder towards optimal health for all.” – Dr. David Torr