Maximizing your patient relationships

Driving change, physician-wellness and patient satisfaction all through patient-centred care
Course description

Put aside what you have heard others say patient-centred care is and connect with your peers to discover what it means for physicians. At its core, patient-centred care is about maximizing the physician-patient relationship—a lot of which can be done by improved communications.

Patient-centred care is personalized, timely and designed with respect for the patient. Health systems that have adopted this approach have reported numerous benefits including improved physician wellness, greater patient satisfaction and improved efficiency within organizations.

In this highly interactive, conversational six-week online course, participants learn from their peers how to incorporate patient-centred care into their practice, across interdisciplinary teams and within organizations. The highly experiential course material leverages the experience of other organizations and programs, giving participants concrete strategies for moving forward. The course format provides physicians with the opportunity to delve into concepts through conversations with physicians, healthcare teams and well-known thought leaders, and engage with each other and course faculty in online discussions and webinars.

Join the discussion.

Return on investment

  • Explain the concept of patient-centered care: what it is and what it isn’t - and what it can be
  • Discuss why focusing on patient-centered care has the potential to make all of our jobs easier and more fulfilling
  • Illustrate examples of programs and organizations that have engaged and included patients in many aspects of decision making, how they did it and pitfalls discovered along the way
  • Prepare and take action/concrete steps towards engaging patients and their families
  • Describe examples of how they have applied material learned from the course in their own practice

Special features

  • Accessible via desktop or tablets
  • Facilitation, guidance and feedback
  • Cohort structure, featuring interaction with peers from across the country via discussion forums and weekly live webinars 


This course can be customized and delivered in-house at your organization, meeting or conference to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams.