Developing strategic influence

Build alliances to achieve your organization’s objectives
Course description

Small ‘p’ politics exist in every leader’s world. This course explores practical, authentic ways for health care leaders to navigate through their interactions with various stakeholders while maintaining autonomy, integrity and sanity — and keeping an eye on the organization’s vision.

Learn how to build alliances to achieve your organization’s objectives and be an official spokesperson using recognized communication, advocacy and media skills. Discover how to network in a matrix in which leadership is both horizontal and vertical, and learn the components of consensus building.

Return on investment

  • Discuss the health care environment from political, social and economic perspectives
  • Work with matrices and networks as platforms of influence
  • Describe the nature of health care decision-making processes and influence at the local, provincial and federal levels
  • Navigate the points of entry into political environments
  • Create a strategic advocacy approach
  • Describe key issues in developing persuasive messages
  • Practise effective skills in working with the media and receive feedback


This course can be customized and delivered in-house at your organization, meeting or conference to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams.