Crucial Conversations© – a VitalSmarts© product

Manage difficult conversations—and achieve desired outcomes
Course description

Whether you’re leading an organization or championing an issue, when the stakes are high, different opinions and strong emotions can derail your efforts to achieve the best outcome. Crucial Conversations© is a VitalSmarts© course that focuses on using candid and respectful communication to work successfully with others. Crucial conversations will help you develop the skills you need to manage conversations so that all perspectives are heard, relationships are enhanced and hidden issues come to the surface as you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Return on investment

  • Acquire the skills to engage others in addressing challenging issues while retaining or enhancing the relationship.
  • Understand when a conversation or issue becomes crucial, and learn how to stay in conversation to move toward resolution and action.
  • Identify the challenges facing physician leaders in the health care system and acquire practical tools to deal with them. 


This course can be customized and delivered in-house at your organization, meeting or conference to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams.