Influencing boards: unpacking principles of board governance

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Course description

From identifying population health needs to planning and funding programs and services to meeting performance objectives – boards make decisions that influence a physician’s professional life. Board members often look to health care leaders for expert knowledge and advice. As such, physicians can positively influence board decisions by ensuring high quality information is provided.

This course explores practical ways for physicians to work effectively with their boards. Learn the fundamentals of what boards do and how they work — who does what and why. Understand the board’s core responsibilities, and learn how board members are chosen and how to identify their stakeholders. Discover how to identify the outcome you wish to see your board enable ― as well as how to make an effective presentation that retains the board’s attention.

Return on investment

  • Identify the fundamental responsibilities of a hospital board
  • Identify the outcome you wish to see a board enable
  • Map the board and screen for obstacles
  • Identify a strategy of influence and map its requirements
  • Design an effective presentation to the board


This course can be customized and delivered in-house at your organization, meeting or conference to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams.