17 in 2017

This was another great year for physician-led innovation and we’re excited to present 17 physician-innovators, medical residents and medical students who are making a difference in health care in Canada. Meet the five new Joule Innovation grant recipients, two new members of the Joule innovation council, three participants of Joule’s first innovation challenge, four thought-leaders, as well as the great minds behind three new products brought to you by Joule.

Denis Vincent

1.Dr. Denis Vincent

Dr. Denis Vincent, Joule’s 2017 $50,000 grant recipient, is an Edmonton-based physician, striving to make the referral process simpler and more effective. Dr. Vincent created ezReferral, a powerful cloud-based, secure medical referral management tool that keeps all parties on the same page: family doctor, specialist and patient. Dr. Vincent will use his grant to ensure consistency and simplicity when referring a patient to a specialist.

Learn more about Dr. Denis Vincent and ezReferral:

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Dr. Wey Leong

2.Dr. Wey Leong

Dr. Wey Leong is a surgical oncologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. Dr. Leong received a $25,000 2017 Joule Innovation grant to develop ReFilx, a biodegradable scaffold to aid in the regeneration of soft tissue for breast cancer surgery patients who undergo lumpectomies. Refilx reduces the rates of re-operation and mastectomy thus improving the quality of life for patients. Refilx meets an unmet clinical need that affects millions of women annually worldwide.

Learn more about Dr. Wey Leong and ReFilx:

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Dr. Dennis DiValentino

3.Dr. Dennis DiValentino

Dr. Dennis DiValentino is incoming President of the Hamilton Academy of Medicine and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University. As recipient of a 2017Joule Innovation grant for his social innovation, Ramcare. Dr. DiValentino received $25,000 to help provide care to marginalized individuals using mobile tele-medical units. Ramcare represents a potentially transformative solution for marginalized populations encountering serious mental illnesses, addiction issues and to elderly patients who are immobile and do not have a caregiver at home

Learn more about Dr. DiValentino:

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Dr Jack Pacey

4.Dr Jack Pacey

Dr. Jack Pacey, a vascular surgeon from Vancouver, received a $25,000 2017 Joule Innovation grant to further develop the Pacey Cuff, a urethral control device for post prostatectomy patients. The Pacey Cuff provides confident self-control without any discomfort for those who have urinary sphincter incompetence. It allows for the resumption of normal life activities with minimal use of expensive pads and no use of adult diapers.

Learn more about Dr. Pacey and the Pacey Cuff:

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Dr. Eitan Prisman

5.Dr. Eitan Prisman

Dr. Eitan Prisman, a surgical oncologist and clinical assistant professor at the Department of Surgery at the University of British Columbia received a $25,000 Joule Innovation grant to develop the Virtual Preoperative Reconstruction (ViPRE) Platform. ViPRE is a streamlined, low cost, in-house tool for preoperative surgical planning and creation of 3-D printed surgical cutting guides.

Learn more about Dr. Prisman:

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Michael Peters

6.Michael Peters

Michael Peters is a fourth year medical school student at the University of British Columbia and an inspired innovator with personal insight and motivation to improve the lives of those struggling with physical challenges. Michael participated in Joule’s first 3D print challenge this year and was one of three winners for his prototype of a custom chin support tool (neck brace) for patients with ALS.

Learn more about the personal story behind this innovative prototype:

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Melanie Anne Johnston

7.Melanie Anne Johnston

Melanie Johnston started out pursuing a career in pharmacy and part way through her degree discovered she was drawn more to working directly with patients. As one of three winners of Joule’s first 3D print challenge, Melanie’s winning concept was a 3D printed mug with flow control settings for patients with swallowing difficulties.

Learn more about the inspiration behind this prototype:

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Bradley James Prince

8.Bradley James Prince

Bradley James Prince is a medical student, an established entrepreneur and an innovator. He is currently in his second year of medical school at the University of Calgary, has recently completed his MBA, and is the founder of exDee, a software company that focusses on enabling personal health literacy. As one of three winners of Joule’s first 3D printing challenge, Bradley’s prototype uses a 3D printed bell and rubber diaphragm (party balloon) and an adapter that can be fashioned to transform any smartphone into a digital stethoscope.

Learn more about this innovative prototype:

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Dr. Linda Maxwell

9.Dr. Linda Maxwell

Dr. Linda Maxwell is an accomplished head and neck/facial plastic surgeon and is the Executive Director and founder of the Biomedical Zone, a first-in-class, hospital-embedded business incubator for emerging health technology companies. Dr. Maxwell is a welcome addition to our Joule Innovation Council that is involved with providing guidance to new physician-innovators.

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Dr. Tatiana Rac

10.Dr. Tatiana Rac

Dr. Tatiana Rac is a Public Health Resident at the University of British Columbia and holds an MD, MPH, and BSc from the University of Saskatchewan. As a part of her residency program, Dr. Rac initiated and designed the first medical elective at Joule. She has also worked with several start-ups. Dr. Rac is a welcome addition to our Joule Innovation Council that is involved with providing guidance to new physician-innovators.

Learn more about Dr. Rac:

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Dr. Adam Stewart

11.Dr. Adam Stewart

Dr. Adam Stewart is a rural family physician who offers comprehensive primary care. He is part of the Central Hastings Family Health Team (CHFHT). He received his Bachelor of Science (Hon.) in Physiology from the University of Western Ontario where he also completed his medical degree and family medicine residency. Dr. Stewart uses software in advanced and innovative ways and tailors it to his patients, so they can engage in and self-manage their care through the use of Ocean Tablet by Cognisant MD.

Learn more about Dr. Stewart:

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Dr. Ryan Patchett-Marble

12.Dr. Ryan Patchett-Marble

Dr. Ryan Patchett-Marble was born and raised in Smiths Falls, Ontario. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Toronto and graduated in Family Medicine from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Thunder Bay in 2013. Since then he has been working and innovating with the Marathon Family Health Team in Marathon, Ontario. Dr. Marble is working to achieveurine drug screening precision (UDS) with help from colleague Dr. Kavanagh and his Ocean platform.

Lear more about Dr. Patchett-Marble:

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Dr. Yanick Beaulieu

13.Dr. Yanick Beaulieu

Dr. Yanick Beaulieu is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Medicine, and an avid expert in the field of cardiology. He attributes his passion for hearth health to an early childhood memory of his father’s heart surgery, which he says inspired him into medicine. To this day, Dr. Beaulieu delivers that very same sentiment in every endeavor, most namely, his 2014 inception of Reacts, an innovative new training system developed by his Montreal start-up, Innovative Imaging Technologies (IIT). With an extensive background in cardiology and dedication to improving patient-physician relationships, Dr. Beaulieu unremittingly gets to the heart of healthcare.

Learn more about Reacts and Dr. Beaulieu:

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Dr. Doug Kavanagh

14.Dr. Doug Kavanagh

Dr. Doug Kavanagh is a Toronto-based family physician and expert in knowledge translation. He has over fifteen years’ experience working with allied health professionals to improve their healthcare IT. As Medical Director and Co-founder of CognisantMD, Dr. Kavanagh is best known for his commitment to revolutionizing the way we share medical information between patients and physicians. In 2016, Dr. Kavanagh was awarded a $50,000 Joule innovation grant for the development of the Ocean Platform – a cloud-based patient engagement tool that allows patients to instantly update their electronic medical records and complete clinical questionnaires in the language of their choice, on a secure, easy-to-use digital interface, either prior to appointments or while they wait.

Learn more aboutDr. Doug Kavanagh and Ocean tablet:

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Dr. Sonny Kohli

15.Dr. Sonny Kohli

Dr. Sonny Kohli is a practicing Physician at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, most prominently known for his development of CloudDX – an award-winning innovation in artificial intelligence. Cloud DX products are now used by clinicians and patients across North America, and as numbers increase, Dr. Kohli predicts this fascinating product will soon spread to remote communities all over, bridging the gap in rural care. With his finger on the pulse of healthcare innovation, Dr. Kohli’s tech inspires him to bring science fiction to life.

Learn more about Dr. Kohli and Cloud Dx:

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Dr. Franco Rizzuti

16.Dr. Franco Rizzuti

Past-president of Canadian Federation of Medical students, Dr. Franco Rizzuti is now attending University of Calgary to complete his Public Health & Preventive Medicine residency. Dr. Rizzuti was able to join Joule and the CMA at TEDMED in November and Lindee David had the chance to speak with Dr. Rizzuti who reflects on his experience and the power of bringing the right people together in conversation and how that can be critical to innovation.

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Christina Schweitzer

17.Christina Schweitzer

Medical student and current Vice President of Communications at Canadian Federation of Medical Students, Christina Schweitzer joined CMA and Joule at TEDMED this November. Joule CEO Lindee David had the opportunity to speak with Christina about her experience and what her thoughts are on this new partnership. In this podcast, Christina shares her excitement around how the CMA is making it clear that it’s an organization focused on innovation to better serve patients.

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