CMA Driver's Guide

As a physician, you may be called upon to evaluate medical fitness to drive.

All health care providers should consider the potential effects a medical condition can have on their patients’ driving capability―no matter their age or whether they have a driver fitness form to be completed.

The Driver’s Guide: Determining Medical Fitness to Operate Motor Vehicles is a trusted resource designed to assist physicians assess their patients’ ability to safely operate motor vehicles.

In the latest edition, released in October 2019, the chapter including recommendations for patients with dementia was revised.

If you already have edition 9, you can download the latest chapter in PDF format.

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Did you know?

  • Most medical school curricula spend little, if any, time on driver evaluation.
  • Motor vehicle crashes kill about 2,000 people in Canada each year and injure another 160,000.
  • Current demographic trends predict major increases in the number of older drivers over the next 20 years.