Dr. Deepak Kaura named new Chair of the Joule Board of Directors

Radiologist bringing ‘start-up’ mentality to inspire medical innovation in Canada

Ottawa - August 15, 2018

After an extensive search, Joule is thrilled to announce the appointment of Deepak Kaura MD FRCPC MBA as Chair of its Board of Directors. As a pediatric radiologist who has started several technology companies, Dr. Kaura brings a range of experience and leadership to this role.

Dr. Kaura recently returned to Canada from five years in Qatar to join 1QBit, a quantum computing software company, as its Chief Medical Officer. In Qatar, as Executive Chair of Sidra’s Foundational Clinical Services Management Group, he played a critical role in setting up and establishing new standards in patient care at a 400-bed children and women’s hospital and creating Imagine, an innovation framework that produces intellectual property by crowdsourcing ideas. Prior to this he was the Head of Diagnostic Imaging at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

“Joule has done an exceptional job helping physician innovators bring novel practices into Canadian health care and has stepped in to fill a significant gap in Canadian health care,“ says Dr. Kaura. “I am eager for the opportunity to work with physicians from across the country as we further push the limits of today’s system and help enhance delivery of care in Canada.”

Dr. Kaura begins his role as Chair on September 1, 2018, coinciding with the end of the term of the current Joule Board Chair Ms. Debbie Fischer. Joule would like to extend its sincerest thanks to Ms. Fischer for her exceptional work helping to establish Joule and for putting it on a path for success.

Joule is the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA’s) newest subsidiary designed to assist physicians in the pursuit of clinical excellence. Joule does this explicitly through the support of physician-led innovation, and by inspiring physician-adoption of knowledge products and innovative technologies and services. Our purpose is to achieve health system changes through physician adoption and leadership of impactful digital solutions. Our mission is to help physicians be at their best.

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