Joule rewards three 3D printing ideas in first Innovation Challenge

Ottawa (ON) - July 11, 2017

Since its inception in 2016, Joule – a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association – has been building an innovation program designed to stimulate physician-led health innovation. Today, Joule is pleased to announce the recipients of its first Innovation Challenge that focused on the capacity for technology to improve quality of care. The challenge was launched at the end of May, targeting medical students and residents to answer the following question: how could utilizing 3D printing technology improve patient quality of life?

With over 120 submissions received, the top three ideas were selected by a selection committee that included Canadian Federation of Medical Students president Dr. Franco Rizzuti and Resident Doctors of Canada past president Dr. Kimberly Williams.

Submissions and ideas were selected based on three equally weighted selection criteria:

  • Relevance to population:  does the idea have the potential to improve quality of life
  • Simplicity of implementation: is the idea easy to implement by the end-user in daily life?
  • Scalability: Does the idea have potential to impact a large number of people?

 “As the first of many innovation challenges to come from Joule, the response and relative submissions have been outstanding. To see such creative initiatives provided by our future generations of physicians fills us with pride, and a positive outlook on the future of healthcare,” says Joule CEO Lindee David.  

The top three ideas selected are:

A) “Keep your chin up” by medical student Michael Peters—a 3D printed neck support for ALS patients not yet wheelchair bound

B) “Adjustable flow 3D printed mug” by medical student Melanie Anne Johnston—to assist patients with swallowing difficulties

C) “Smartphone digital stethoscope” by Dr. Bradley James Prince—a tele-health improvement

Prototypes of the top submissions will be displayed at the 150th Canadian Medical Association Annual Meeting and General Council in Quebec City, on August 21.

In addition to launching additional innovation challenges this year, Joule will soon award $150,000 to five 2017 grant recipients and will enhance its innovation platform with a showcase of innovations and a number of resources designed to assist physicians in their entrepreneurial efforts. We look forward to further stimulating ideas and collaboration towards the development of competitive new products with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

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