A Virtual Venture Makes Remote Treatment and Training a Reality

The Reacts (Remote Education, Augmented Communication, Training and Supervision) platform is developed by Innovative Imaging Technologies (IIT), a Montreal start-up led by Dr. Yanick Beaulieu.  Reacts is a digital collaboration and communication solution that optimizes remote healthcare training and treatment - when and where it is needed.

Reacts is the brainchild of Dr. Beaulieu, who was moved at an early age by experiences in his personal life. Childhood memories of his father’s heart surgery led Dr. Beaulieu to pursue a medical degree and a specialization in cardiology and critical care.

Early in his professional career, Dr. Beaulieu traveled to remote areas to educate and train physicians and residents from various specialties on how to conduct focused bedside ultrasounds.  Because of the extensive travel this required, Dr. Beaulieu recognized that this training approach would not be scalable or sustainable in the long term.  He needed to find a solution that would enable the same type of interactive, hands-on training and practical guidance he provides in person, to be delivered through advanced technology and support tools.

What also motivated Dr. Beaulieu was his belief that a patient’s treatment and recovery involves a “team approach” and includes many players such as pharmacists, physicians, nurses, physio therapists, and the patient.  To facilitate this approach to care, Dr. Beaulieu recognized the need for a tool that would optimize team collaboration while bringing a new, innovative dimension in terms of interactive capabilities.

Dr. Beaulieu envisioned a system that would be more than a video or video conference, it would enable virtual hands-on guidance – which he describes as a “hyperpresence”.   

In 2014, with the help of a small technical team and the establishment of Innovative Imagining Technology, the Reacts platform hit the market with its first real life pilot trials.

Today, Reacts is a ground-breaking versatile platform that enables interactive audio video communication for remote consultation, training, supervisions and virtual guidance. It enables the integration of tools for live video stream and asset overlay, multimedia asset sharing and digital object manipulation to augment reality so the user can easily follow, learn and practice specific maneuvers.

“Reacts is an ideal tool to bring people together as it supports and enables a collaborative team approach.  It provides shared value in that it presents a full 360 degree view of the care a patient is receiving. Each member is totally informed and can provide optimal care”-  says Dr. Beaulieu

Healthcare in a Digital World

Reacts saves time, money and sets the stage for other future trends in healthcare such as the use of augmented reality and virtual reality.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the future of medical innovation.  By harnessing technology, physician-led innovations will open doors and rapidly advance the quality of care provided to patients.  Dr. Beaulieu’s vision embodies the innovative spirit Joule is proud to support, and promote.  Joule has partnered with IIT to promote Reacts and offers CMA members a free 3 month trial. The free trial period will be launching this fall.  For more information, please refer to our news release.