Physician Fundamentals

Even after medical school and residency, there’s still a lot to learn to be a confident and capable physician. We can help you build the non-clinical skills you need for a successful practice with these free, on-demand learning opportunities, open to all physicians.

Leadership Essentials

Physicians are seen as leaders even if they’re not in formal leadership roles. It’s never too early to start developing the skills to influence, engage and communicate with the members of your health care team. Our Leadership Essentials are free and accredited courses you can complete in an hour, anytime. These on-demand courses cover topics that set the foundation for a successful career in any specialty or practice.

Building self-awareness and personal mastery

Successful leadership is grounded in self-awareness. It will help you make better decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. Through self-reflective exercises, hands-on activities and self-assessments, you’ll examine your personal values and principles, thinking patterns, assumptions, and emotional skills and strengths. You’ll explore the potential of your unique leadership style and discover opportunities to build capabilities in alignment with your personal values and goals.

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Communicating effectively

Effective communication with patients and colleagues can lead to increased patient knowledge, improved patient safety and better health outcomes. In this course, you’ll gain foundational skills to communicate with clarity and engage and invite dialogue with patients and colleagues.

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Practical strategies for engaging health care teams

In this course, you’ll gain valuable insights into the attributes essential for effective leadership, and explore practical tools to influence others and improve collaboration and engagement. You’ll examine strategies to effectively motivate others, and build skills to gain commitment and cooperation from individuals outside your sphere of authority to foster common ground.

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Foundations of physician wellness

Featuring national and international experts in physician health, this interactive course will take you through key wellness concepts, organizational factors that contribute to burnout, and evidence-based findings on the interventions shown to protect against burnout and foster well-being.

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