Effective communication skills for physician leaders

Become a stronger and more effective communicator.
Course description

When it comes to leading a team towards the realization of a vision, your depth of knowledge, expertise and strength of commitment will only take you part-way. Success largely depends on your communication skills. When you’re able to articulate your vision, and goals and concerns effectively, your team is more likely align to that vision. A team working towards a single understood goal will be motivated and engaged and will find working together, easier.

This course focuses on developing and enriching your communication skills. It is designed to help you learn concepts and key themes in effective communication and apply them in your practice. The course also provides a comprehensive personal development plan, to help you communicate effectively in a variety of situations. Participants will move as a cohort through six modules — one per week — allowing you to apply your learnings on-the-go. You’ll interact with peers from across the country in discussion forums and webinars, but can choose when to be online according to your own schedule. It provides a foundation for open-enrolment Physician Leadership Institute face-to-face courses.

Return on investment

  • Discuss the factors that influence communication within healthcare organizations and healthcare teams
  • Explain the role of attentive listening in effective communication
  • Describe how building relationships affects communication
  • Identify how best to apply appropriate and effective communication strategies within various contexts, to various audiences
  • Participants will move as a cohort through the course, completing one module per week, but can choose when to be online according to their personal schedules

Special features

  • Accessible via desktop or tablets
  • Facilitation, guidance and feedback
  • Cohort structure, featuring interaction with peers from across the country via discussion forums and webinars
  • A foundation for the open-enrolment PLI face-to-face courses


This course can be customized and delivered in-house at your organization, meeting or conference to physicians and/or interdisciplinary teams.