Our network of grant recipients

In 2016, we launched our inaugural Joule Innovation grant program. Since then, 19 physician innovators have been awarded a total of $500,000 in flexible grant funding to fuel their ventures, all of which are making a difference in health care across Canada and beyond.

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2018 grant recipients

Dr. Brian Courtney
Conavi Medical Inc.

Conavi Medical is a commercial-stage medical device company that develops and sells image guidance technologies for use in minimally invasive procedures. Ultimately, Conavi’s goal is to be the world-leading provider of image guidance technologies for use in minimally invasive procedures so that they may be simpler, faster, safer and more cost-effective.

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Dr. Alexandra T.
Greenhill Careteam Technologies

As an AI-enhanced digital health platform, Careteam Technologies enables patient-centered care collaboration and system navigation for patients with complex, chronic diseases across different health conditions and contexts so everyone involved is on the same page. As a whole, this collaborative platform reduces system costs and improves outcomes while increasing both patient and provider satisfaction―benefitting the quadruple aim.

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Dr. Don Burke
Critical Outreach & Diagnostic Intervention (CODI)

The Critical Outreach & Diagnostic Intervention (CODI) is an on-demand, immediate support service connecting rural physicians and intensivists in British Columbia.  CODI provides an on-demand, virtual 24/7, immediate point of care service that connects rural physicians and intensivist in British Columbia. The CODI app aims to provide better patient outcomes, fewer unnecessary hospital transfers and reduced health care costs.

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Dr. David Benrimoh
Aifred Health

Aifred Health has developed a clinical decision aid as a response―harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to more accurately recommend optimal treatment for patients with depression. By training computer algorithms with evidence-based medical data to produce treatment decision aids, Aifred Health is supporting physicians to prescribe treatments more effectively.

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Dr. Nada Gawad
My On Call (MOC) Pager App

My On Call (MOC) Pager App is a simulated pager program designed to help senior medical students and residents practice safe clinical decision-making (CDM). It also serves as an assessment tool for training programs. The goals for the app are to ease the gap in role transition and to practice safe CDM for each role. Ultimately, they’re looking to improve patient safety.

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Dr. Alex Bilbily

16Bit is developing the Intelligent Mammogram Triage System, capable of triaging screening mammograms with high negative predictive value. Through this initiative, should a mammogram be deemed normal or benign by the artificially intelligent system, a radiologist interpretation may no longer be required―decreasing the cost associated with screening programs and the burden on radiologists.

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Dr. Latif Murji
Stand Up for Health (SU4H)

Stand Up for Health (SU4H) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to use experiential learning to generate meaningful discussion and action surrounding the social determinants of health. SU4H will redefine the field of medical education by shifting didactic teachings to an interactive, technology-based simulation for physicians and trainees.

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Eric J. Zhao

Lumina is an improved toolkit for central line access. The device combines the tools for needle insertion, flashback verification, and guidewire insertion into one compact, ergonomic tool. This tool will enable physicians to have more control in ER scenarios, helping them perform at their peak to provide excellence in health and patient care.

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Charles Choi

VitalEyes is a non-contact method to measure the vital signs of emergency department patients. It simultaneously measures heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature of a single patient. They are now exploring the use of video cameras, 24GHz frequency modulated continuous wave radars, and thermographic cameras to determine heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. Their system is designed to then alert healthcare professionals to attend to deteriorating patients whose vital signs have become abnormal.

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2017 grant recipients

Dr. Dennis DiValentino

RAMCare is a service that helps to provide care to marginalized individuals. Using mobile tele-medical units, care can be delivered to individuals with serious mental illnesses, addiction issues and elderly patients who are immobile and do not have a caregiver.

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Dr. Wey Leong

ReFilx is a biodegradable scaffold to aid in the regeneration of soft tissue which will reduce the rates of re-operation and mastectomy, therefore improving the quality of life for breast cancer surgery patients and reduce the need for further surgeries. ReFilx will solve an unmet clinical need that affects millions of women annually worldwide.

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Dr. Jack Pacey
The Pacey Cuff

The Pacey Cuff is a urethral control device for post prostatectomy patients that provides confident self-control without any discomfort for those who have urinary sphincter incompetence. The Pacey Cuff allows for the resumption of normal life activities with minimal use of expensive pads and no use of adult diapers.

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Dr. Eitan Prisman
The Virtual Preoperative Reconstruction Platform

The Virtual Preoperative Reconstruction (ViPRE) Platform is a streamlined, low cost, in-house tool for preoperative surgical planning and the creation of 3D printed surgical cutting guides.

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Dr. Denis Vincent

ezReferral is a powerful cloud based, secure medical referral management tool to keep all parties on the same page: family doctor, specialist and patient. Dr. Vincent is continuing his work on ezReferral to ensure consistency and simplicity for the patient referral process.

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2016 grant recipients

Dr. Jacob Jaremko
Collaborative Ultrasound Deep Learning

The Collaborative Ultrasound Deep Learning (CUDL) initiative is a cloud-based computer-aided diagnostic tool that will allow physicians to give an on-the-spot diagnosis of a 2D and 3D ultrasound image based on advice and knowledge from thousands of similar cases. This project has focused on hip dysplasia, with Dr. Jaremko’s next task being to take a closer look at how CUDL can help diagnose Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH).

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Dr. Doug Kavanagh

With Ocean Tablet from CognisantMD, patients can complete clinical questionnaires on a secure, easy-to-use digital interface, either prior to appointments or while they wait, in the language of their choice. Since its inception, Ocean Tablet has seen over 1.5M patient updates with clinics seeing a 65% decrease in time needed for appointments.

Listen to “Doing more with less—the art of delegation and making one’s self obsolete (so-to-speak)” with Dr. Kavanagh.

Dr. Kamran Khan

BlueDot protects people around the world from infectious diseases with data-driven technologies. They help governments protect their citizens, hospitals protect their staff and patients, and businesses protect their employees and customers. BlueDot has combined public health and medical expertise with advanced data analytics to build the world’s first global early warning system to track and contextualize infectious disease risks without limits.

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Dr. Dale Podolsky
Simulare Medical Corp.

Simulare Medical Corp, provides the necessary time, space and patience required for trainees to learn and practice complex surgical procedures at their own pace, specifically for cleft palate procedures with Dr. Podolsky’s cleft palate simulator.  Dr. Podolsky is working to build a training hub for burgeoning surgeons with the hopes of building stronger surgeons for healthier patients everywhere.

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Dr. Julielynn Wong

3D4MD uses a solar-powered, plug-and-play, ultra-portable 3D printing system to produce a range of medical supplies right-on-site, as needed, at a remarkably low cost.  With the Joule innovation grant funding, Dr. Wong is working to build a digital library for others to be able to select and download crowd-sourced 3D printable files to make quality-tested, cost-efficient and even personalized medical and surgical supplies on demand.

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