Past Grant Recipients

In 2016, Joule launched our inaugural Innovation grant program. Since then, 10 physician innovators have been awarded $300,000 in flexible grant funding to fuel their ventures and to continue making a difference in health care across Canada and globally.

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2017 grant recipients

RAMCare - Dr. Dennis DiValentino

RAMCare is a service that helps to provide care to marginalized individuals. Using mobile tele-medical units, care can be delivered to individuals with serious mental illnesses, addiction issues and elderly patients who are immobile and do not have a caregiver.

Learn more about RAMCare and Dr. Dennis DiValentino by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video.

ReFilx - Dr. Wey Leong

ReFilx is a biodegradable scaffold to aid in the regeneration of soft tissue which will reduce the rates of re-operation and mastectomy, therefore improving the quality of life for breast cancer surgery patients and reduce the need for further surgeries. ReFilx will solve an unmet clinical need that affects millions of women annually worldwide.

Learn more about ReFilx and Dr. Wey Leong by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video.  

The Pacey Cuff - Dr. Jack Pacey

The Pacey Cuff is a urethral control device for post prostatectomy patients that provides confident self-control without any discomfort for those who have urinary sphincter incompetence. The Pacey Cuff allows for the resumption of normal life activities with minimal use of expensive pads and no use of adult diapers.

Learn more about the Pacey Cuff and Dr. Jack Pacey by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video. 

The Virtual Preoperative Reconstruction Platform - Dr. Eitan Prisman

The Virtual Preoperative Reconstruction (ViPRE) Platform is a streamlined, low cost, in-house tool for preoperative surgical planning and the creation of 3D printed surgical cutting guides.

Learn more about ViPRE and Dr. Eitan Prisman by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video. 

ezReferral - Dr. Denis Vincent

ezReferral is a powerful cloud based, secure medical referral management tool to keep all parties on the same page: family doctor, specialist and patient. Dr. Vincent is continuing his work on ezReferral to ensure consistency and simplicity for the patient referral process.

Learn more about ezReferral and Dr. Denis Vincent by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video.

2016 grant recipients

Collaborative Ultrasound Deep Learning - Dr. Jacob Jaremko

The Collaborative Ultrasound Deep Learning (CUDL) initiative is a cloud-based computer-aided diagnostic tool that will allow physicians to give an on-the-spot diagnosis of a 2D and 3D ultrasound image based on advice and knowledge from thousands of similar cases. This project has focused on hip dysplasia, with Dr. Jaremko’s next task being to take a closer look at how CUDL can help diagnose Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH).

Learn more about CUDL and Dr. Jacob Jaremko by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video.  

CognisantMD - Dr. Doug Kavanagh

With Ocean Tablet from CognisantMD, patients can complete clinical questionnaires on a secure, easy-to-use digital interface, either prior to appointments or while they wait, in the language of their choice. Since its inception, Ocean Tablet has seen over 1.5M patient updates with clinics seeing a 65% decrease in time needed for appointments.

Learn more about CognisantMD and Dr. Doug Kavanagh by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video.

BlueDot - Dr. Kamran Khan

BlueDot is a social benefit corporation dedicated to creating a healthier and safer world by helping to address global infectious disease threats. The company works in big data, connecting experts in geographic information systems and spatial analytics with content experts in the field of infectious disease and public health. BlueDot’s most notable achievement is PanMEDIC, a web-based global warning system that curates the latest data on tropical emerging diseases and connects it with worldwide air patterns.

Learn more about BlueDot and Dr. Kamran Khan by watching this quick video. 

Simulare Medical Corp. - Dr. Dale Podolsky

Simulare Medical Corp, provides the necessary time, space and patience required for trainees to learn and practice complex surgical procedures at their own pace, specifically for cleft palate procedures with Dr. Podolsky’s cleft palate simulator.  Dr. Podolsky is working to build a training hub for burgeoning surgeons with the hopes of building stronger surgeons for healthier patients everywhere.

Learn more about Simulare Medical Corp and Dr. Dale Podolsky by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video.    

3D4MD - Dr. Julielynn Wong

3D4MD uses a solar-powered, plug-and-play, ultra-portable 3D printing system to produce a range of medical supplies right-on-site, as needed, at a remarkably low cost.  With the Joule innovation grant funding, Dr. Wong is working to build a digital library for others to be able to select and download crowd-sourced 3D printable files to make quality-tested, cost-efficient and even personalized medical and surgical supplies on demand.

Learn more about 3D4MD and Dr. Julielynn Wong by listening to our podcast or watching this quick video.