Stand Up for Health (SU4H)

Dr. Latif Murji
Joule Innovation Grant recipient

About the innovation

The common didactic approach to teaching can often leave learners with a superficial understanding of concepts such as the social determinants of health.

Stand Up for Health (SU4H) is a not-for-profit organization―led by Dr. Latif Murji and run by young health professionals and students―that aims to use experiential learning to generate meaningful discussion and action surrounding the social determinants of health. Its cornerstone is an immersive simulation that places participants in the role of Canadians living in poverty. Participants interact, make choices, and solve challenges within their given set of circumstances. The latter portion of the workshop consists of a facilitated discussion on challenges faced by marginalized Canadians, as well as public policy that leads to a healthy and equitable society.

SU4H will redefine the field of medical education by shifting didactic teachings to an interactive, technology-based simulation for physicians and trainees.

About the recipient

Dr. Latif Murji is a family physician practicing in rural communities and a faculty member at University of Toronto, Department of Family and Community Medicine. He is the Founder of Stand Up for Health, and serves as Coordinator of Global Health, Diversity and Inclusion at Scarborough Health Network.

What will the grant help them do?

The funding from Joule will go towards transforming didactic teaching to an interactive, technology-based simulation for physicians and trainees to better understand the social determinants of health.