Novel N95 Design, Takaya Technology Inc.

Dr. Susan Ripley
Novel N95 Design, Takaya Technology Inc.

Covid-19 Innovation Grant recipient
Category: Supporting front-line health workers

About the innovation

N95 masks remain one of the most effective ways of protecting front-line workers from COVID-19. As a result, they are in very high demand. For an N95 mask to be 95% effective, it must fit tightly to the face. Without a tight seal, air flows around the perimeter of the mask, rendering it ineffective and increasing the risk of COVID-19 infection. This tight seal makes N95s extremely uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, even causing damage to health care workers’ faces.

Dr. Susan Ripley and the Takaya Technology Inc. team have designed an N95 mask that creates an effective and tight-fitting seal, yet is comfortable enough to wear for an entire shift. Their goal is to make sure all health care workers have sufficient access to effective, comfortable masks. A world-leading supplier has already expressed interest in collaboration or licensing their design and are in discussions with provincial and federal governments to raise awareness of their innovation.

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About the recipient

Dr. Susan Ripley, BSc, MSc, CCFP, is the Chief Medical Officer for Takaya Technology Inc. She is an acute medicine hospitalist and has done research across varied disciplines including basic science, neurosurgical, biomedical and patient safety and quality improvement initiatives.