Decreased hospitalization with point-of-care risk stratification and early follow-up for acute heart failure

Question clinique

Does a strategy using a risk-stratification tool with early discharge and rapid outpatient follow-up for low-risk patients improve outcomes in patients with acute heart failure?


For patients who present to the ED with acute HF, a strategy using a validated point-of-care tool for risk stratification, with a recommendation for early discharge with rapid follow-up for lower risk patients, leads to decreased hospitalization for cardiovascular causes both at 30 days and at 20 months. As this strategy has multiple components (risk stratification and early outpatient follow-up), it is unclear which aspect of the intervention was responsible for the finding. 1b

Plan de l'etude: Cross-over trial (randomized)

Financement: Government

Cadre: Inpatient (any location) with outpatient follow-up


Nita Shrikant Kulkarni, MD
Assistant Professor in Hospital Medicine
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL

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results and potential conclusions

This study conclusion is not ready to be applied at the community level-under the best experimental conditions the study does not know what actually works plus the services are not universally available in gythe community