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*New in April 2020*

For a limited time, CMA members have full access to the Compendium of Therapeutic Choices (CTC) and the Compendium of Therapeutics for Minor Ailments (CTMA). The CTC and CTMA provide the most current, evidence-based therapeutic information for the most common conditions encountered by Canadian frontline health care providers. 

IMPORTANTMobile users: To access this additional content, please close the app (do not logout); when you re-open it, you should see a subscription change notification and be prompted to download the additional content.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association’s Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) offers unparalleled, comprehensive, Canadian-specific content in both official languages. You can trust CPS to be current and easy to access.

The CPS offers 2000+ Canadian product monographs for drugs, vaccines and natural health products that are developed by manufacturers, approved by Health Canada and optimized by CPhA editors.

Access to the Canadian Pharmacists Association’s Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) is included in the cost of CMA membership and is valued at over $500 a year.


  • Updated weekly
  • Content available in English and French
  • Health Canada advisories (posted online within 48 hours)
  • Interactive medical calculators


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Access options

RxTx Mobile app

Register and Download

The app includes the CPS (Rx) features listed above plus:

  • Bonus subscription to Drug Choices (DC) content: Drug tables formatted for quick access to dose, adverse effects, drug interactions and relative costs for recommended therapies for each condition
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Available offline*
  • Ability to add notes/Favourite content
  • Available to all CMA members

*Internet connection is required only when installing, updating or using certain Internet dependent features such as downloading new Health Canada Advisories and accessing product images.

CPS online

Access CPS online

cma.ca account required. Register now

The online CPS includes the CPS (Rx) features listed above plus:

  • Health Canada advisories linked to monographs
  • Full listing of Health Canada Warnings and Recalls
  • Manufacturers directory linked to monographs
  • What’s New listing and Monograph Updates Table
  • Product images linked to monographs
  • Public Drug Programs
  • Printable patient information
  • Advanced search
  • Clin-Info (e.g. drugs of choice during pregnancy and breastfeeding, drug-food interactions, lab values)
  • Product Identification tool (Drug ID)
  • Drug Regulatory and Monitoring Programs’ Reporting and Request Forms

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“Prescribing information changes rapidly in today's world. Staying aware and providing the best medication for the patient in front of you can be a real challenge. The CPS on the RxTx mobile app makes it easier and faster to make the right choice throughout a busy day in clinic.”

— Dr. Javed Alloo, CMA Member

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