Early-career learning series

These short, engaging and easily accessible webinars will provide early-career physicians with practical, non-clinical information that is both relevant and timely. Our webinars are hosted by experts familiar with the needs of physicians just starting out in the medical field.

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Time management: Reduce distractions to get things done

Do you have trouble concentrating for sustained periods of time? In an age of distraction, time management techniques are no longer enough to keep us fixed on the task at hand – we must learn how to sharpen our focus.

Join us for a conversation with Paul Mohapel — a member of our Physician Leadership Institute — on how digital distractions can impact our ability to focus and be productive. Through thoughtful dialogue and practical strategies, this session is intended to help minimize distractions and prioritize what’s most important.

When : Jan. 12, 2021
Time : 7–8 pm EST
Facilitator : Paul Mohapel, PLI Faculty

Parenting strategies for physicians in the first five years of practice 

Parenting is always a challenge. Add a new medical practice and a pandemic to the mix and it’s likely time to develop a new set of strategies, skills and support.  

During this online, interactive session, you’ll recognize you’re not alone in trying to balance work and home life. Come away with effective strategies to address parenting challenges within your own family, as well as tips to pass on to your patients.

When : Jan. 21, 2021
Time : 7–8 pm EST
Facilitator : Dr. Marcia Kostenuik

Financial review: Benefit from lower interest rates brought on by the pandemic

Interest rates have dropped dramatically due to the current economic downturn, presenting new opportunities to pay down debt, increase investments or purchase a home.

Join us for a conversation on how to build your net worth, manage cash flow and better understand the long-term impact of interest rate fluctuations.

When : Jan. 26, 2021
Time : 7–8 pm EST
Facilitator : Caitlyn Purich , Early-Career Specialist, MD Financial Management

Starting a family: Financial considerations

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about starting or expanding your family, including the impact it will have on your personal finances.

Join us to learn about parental leave options and how to better prepare your finances when planning for a baby.

When : Feb. 4, 2021
Time : 7–8 pm EST
Facilitator : Stephanie Lewis , Early-Career Specialist, MD Financial Management



Paul Mohapel, PLI Faculty

Mr. Mohapel began his career as a neuroscientist, before pursuing a master’s in leadership and training at Royal Roads University, Victoria, where he’s been teaching for 17 years. Using his extensive knowledge of the brain, psychology and leadership, Mr. Mohapel designs and facilitates workshops in organizational development and lectures at several universities in leadership, business and psychology programs.

Dr. Marcia Kostenuik

Dr. Kostenuik has 20 years of clinical experience across emergency medicine, family medicine, urgent care, and medical psychotherapy. She runs a private medical psychotherapy practice with an interest in physician health and wellness. Dr. Kostenuik recently developed a set of psychological first aid tools to help physicians and patients cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caitlyn Purich, Early-Career Specialist, MD Financial Management

As an early-career specialist, Ms. Purich works directly with medical students, residents and those new to practice to help navigate the sometimes-confusing world of personal finance. She previously worked in physician and human health care workforce planning, education and recruitment.

Stephanie Lewis, Early-Career Specialist, MD Financial Management

As an early-career specialist, Ms. Lewis specializes in helping medical students, residents and new-to-practice physicians build solid plans for establishing their careers. She has a decade of experience in the financial services industry and is completing her master’s degree in corporate finance.