Ask a Librarian

CMA members can get expert search assistance and save time by asking our team of experienced medical librarians. Based on your needs, they can help you by:

  • conducting literature  searches on your behalf,
  • training you on how to use our clinical resources effectively and efficiently,
  • helping you develop effective search strategies so you can do your own searches.

Results are generally sent by email within three business days, or two weeks if your question isn’t urgent.

COVID-19 Requests 

We are prioritizing questions related to COVID-19. We will follow up as soon as possible.

You can also contact us via:

Phone: 1- 844-565-8228 (weekdays, 9 am–5 pm ET)

The CMA Group of Companies offices will be closed Thursday June 30th , 2022 and Friday July 1st, 2022.
Literature search service will recommence Monday, July 4th , 2022. Emails may be sent to

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