George Davie

Managing Director for the Hazelton Innovation Group

George Davie is Managing Director for the Hazelton Innovation Group, a leading Growth and Innovation consulting company providing growth strategies, corporate and brand innovation counsel on a Global basis for Fortune 125 clients. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the firm including the management of consulting engagements, business development, client counsel and the day to day operations. Under Mr. Davie’s leadership, the firm is regarded as one of the premiere Growth and Innovation consulting companies in North America.

Over the past 20+ years with the firm, Mr. Davie has worked with many of the top Fortune 125 firms, including: American Express, BMO, MasterCard, RBC, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Dole– conducting work in North America, Western Europe, Asia, South America, Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and Malaysia.

Prior to the Hazelton Group, Mr. Davie worked as Vice President, Director of Client Services – McKim Advertising (BBDO); Director of Brand and Market Development, Molson Breweries; and Director of New Product Development, S.C. Johnson & Son Ltd.

Mr. Davie is a past director of the Royal Conservatory of Music, Moosehead Breweries, and currently sits on the board of the 407 ETR. Mr. He is an alumnus of the University of Western Ontario.

George Davie