Joule CEO Recognized for Driving Innovation and Serving Physician-Members

July 26, 2019

As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure alignment across the CMA group of companies and to provide the best possible service for members, the CMA recently announced a move to a shared-services model for common functions such as IT, Finance, Legal, HR, and marketing. These shared-functions will support the CMA, CMA Foundation, Joule, CMAH2018 and Investco.  

In the context of this change and with Joule on solid footing, its CEO, Lindee David, felt the time was right to move on and explore new opportunities. Both the Joule and CMA boards express their deep appreciation to Lindee for her commitment to the physician community since Joule’s creation in 2015. She played a pivotal role in setting up this new subsidiary for success, increasing the usage and visibility of a number of member products and services, including Physician Leadership Institute courses and CMAJ. Under her leadership, Joule also became a connector and curator of innovation products and services that help improve physicians’ lives.

Joule is delivering real value to physicians, and is poised to continue to do so well in the future.

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