Joule and the World Health Innovation Network unite to bolster impact of physician-led innovation in Canada

A win for CMA members, physicians and Canada’s health system

Ottawa (ON) - July 01, 2017

Joule, the Canadian Medical Association’s newest company, is pleased to announce a joint venture with the World Health Innovation Network (WIN) at the University of Windsor’s Odette School of Business, creating a unique opportunity to deliver executive education programs for Canadian physician leaders to accelerate Health System Innovation in Canada.

WIN is a world-renowned centre for research, knowledge generation and education focused on scaling innovation in the health sector. Led by Academic Chair, Dr. Anne Snowdon, the organization works with health sector leaders to transform health systems to achieve value for patients. “Physicians play very important and unique roles as clinical innovators and leaders of transformative health system innovation,” says Dr. Snowdon. “Together, WIN and Joule have an important opportunity to achieve substantial impact of our collective efforts to accelerate innovation adoption and scalability across health systems to deliver value and strengthen health care outcomes for all Canadians.”

Through this relationship, Joule will combine its two key strengths— leadership in health care training with courses offered through its Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) and leadership in physician-led innovation— further fostering connections that drive impactful change towards improved patient outcomes. “Building on our strong foundation, we believe that working with WIN will help us prepare the current and next generation of physician leaders to adopt and scale innovation that will transform health systems,” says Lindee David, Joule’s CEO. “Whether we are working with CMA members, physicians or partners like WIN, we believe that when we build ideas together, great things happen.”

Joule is a Canadian Medical Association (CMA) company. Created in 2014 to provide CMA members with cutting-edge products and services and to be a catalyst in physician-led innovation, Joule makes it easier for physicians to be at their best. Joule’s aim is to be physicians’ first choice for resources and knowledge every day.

The World Health Innovation Network (WIN) is based at the Odette Business School at the University of Windsor, under the leadership of world renowned researcher Dr. Anne Snowdon. WIN brokers partnerships between key stakeholders to source, embed and scale innovations in health systems. WIN develops the evidence of impact and scalability across health systems and disseminates this information to accelerate health system transformation, drive economic growth and improve patient outcomes.

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