Joule reacts to Federal budget 2018: Funds to research and science have potential to foster health innovation

Ottawa - February 27, 2018

Joule, a Canadian Medical Association company, is pleased to see funds in the 2018 Federal budget dedicated to science and innovation.  We agree with the government that support to the next generation of researchers has the potential to yield meaningful change and innovation. 

As an organization dedicated to physician-led innovation, we believe that investments in science and innovation will be strong catalysts to further develop health innovation in Canada. As a member of the Digital Technology Supercluster that will use data and digital technologies to address challenges in the health care sector, this is welcomed. 

Finding opportunities with all levels of government to support physician-led innovation will continue to be a Joule priority. In doing so, we know that we can help provide solutions to many of the health-related issues that Canadians face on a daily basis and drive health system transformation.

Lindee David
Joule CEO

Joule is the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA’s) newest subsidiary designed to assist physicians in the pursuit of clinical excellence. Joule does this explicitly through the support of physician-led innovation, and by inspiring physician-adoption of knowledge products and innovative technologies and services. Our purpose is to accelerate physician-led innovation and adoption of advances that deliver excellence in health and patient care. Our mission is to help physicians be at their best.

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