One of North America’s most ambitious telehealth organizations chooses Reacts to optimize remote telepathology.

The Quebec University Health Centre (UHC) – Laval University’s Telehealth Coordination Centre (TCC) has chosen the Reacts solution to support the telepathology services they provide across all of Eastern Quebec. The Quebec UHC, TCC serves a population of 1.7 million people comprising seven health regions and ten different institutions. Leveraging real-time macroscopic examination as part of the telepathology process, is a unique service the TCC network provides – and one that is leading edge.

Reacts will bolster the efforts of the TCC by providing a solution to the extemporaneous macroscopy component of their services.  Using Reacts highly secure, interactive collaboration platform, pathologists can interact remotely with technicians and provide precision guidance during the macroscopic examination of surgical specimens.  

Following testing by the Quebec UHC TCC, the Quebec's Ministry of Health and Social Services endorsed the deployment and use of the Reacts solution which they determined safely meets the needs of TCC patients.

Reacts' innovative features and integrated tools make it a low-cost, secure and easy-to-deploy videoconferencing solution and one that can be used to improve telehealth initiatives around the world.

Joule is proud to promote innovative solutions like Reacts that are making important contributions and rapidly advancing Canadian healthcare.

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