Joule teams up with Innovative Imaging Technologies to augment physician and patient realities

Ottawa (ON) - September 05, 2017

Joule Inc., a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association, is collaborating with Montreal-based Innovative Imaging Technologies (IIT) to market Reacts, an interactive platform featuring augmented reality capabilities that enables secure, affordable and convenient communication between physicians, patients and other health care providers.

Since 2014, Reacts has offered integrated, secure communication tools such as multi-stream videoconferencing, file sharing (documents, videos, images, digital objects), live file transfer and simultaneous live chats. The platform enables physicians to deliver remote care, connect directly with colleagues and other health care workers anywhere in the country and can be used for sophisticated remote training purposes.

Joule, an aggregator of leading and cutting edge products and services, is pleased to bring Reacts to CMA members free of charge for three months. Following the three-month trial period, licenses can be purchased at a minimal annual fee.  The free trial period will be launching this fall.

“Having a secure online environment to share and connect on the delivery of care is more important than ever, especially for remote communities and individuals coping with mobility challenges,” says Joule CEO, Lindee David. Reacts brings remote physician-to-physician collaboration to a new level, helping any physician—despite their geographic location, be at their best.

IIT was founded in 2012 by Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, a Canadian physician innovator, to facilitate remote collaboration, assessment, education and to help people share information in a safe and easy way. “Reacts addresses a clear and pressing patient need,” explains Dr. Beaulieu. “Having a tool like Reacts that creates a rich virtual experience addresses this need and we’re thrilled to be sharing the innovative vision that Joule offers to the CMA membership.”

About Joule

Joule is an innovative company created by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) to provide CMA members with cutting-edge products and services and to help drive physician-led innovation. Through innovation grants and challenges, mentorship, collaborative relationships and by removing obstacles to commercialization, Joule is committed to making it easier for physicians to be innovators and entrepreneurs.    

About Reacts

Reacts (Remote Education, Augmented Communication, Training and Supervision) is a digital collaborative communications platform, created by Quebec start-up Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc. (IIT). Its president, Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, leads a multidisciplinary team of multimedia and software development experts who deploy their considerable talents to produce innovative and visionary solutions. Reacts is currently being used by several large hospitals in Quebec and abroad.       

Although Joule no longer has a formal endorsement program, we remain supportive of IIT Reacts, recognizing it for the tremendous work it is doing to drive innovation in health care and improving access to care for all Canadians. We would like to emphasize that the discontinuation in our endorsement program in no way reflects a lack of confidence in our former co-brands’ products or services and is purely an internal programming matter specific to Joule and the CMA.

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