After one year Joule proves possibilities are truly endless

Company celebrates first birthday with expanded opportunities for CMA members

April 25, 2017

One year ago, Joule was created to help CMA members advance health care innovation in Canada. Designed to drive physician-led innovation and to deliver physician-based solutions, Joule is focused on making it easier for physicians to be at their best — removing obstacles to innovation, providing valuable continuing medical education opportunities, and providing them with leading evidence-based clinical products and research.

Joule accomplishments to date include:

  • Launch of one Joule app (download today!)
  • Two rounds of Joule Innovation grants — the second round closing May 1, 2017
  • Introduction of DynaMedPlusCPS Online and a Physician Leadership Institute (PLI) course selection tool
  • Launch of four social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Five Innovation grant recipients who received a total of $150,000 in funding
  • 10 Joule Innovation podcasts
  • 50 electronic editions of CMAJ annually (and 12 print)
  • 70 PLI courses delivered (40 in-house, 30 face-to-face/online)
  • 1,500 Ask a Librarian member engagement opportunities
  • Selected by Hacking Health Canada as their exclusive national healthcare partner

Having long-shared its intentions of forming strategic alliances to identify, acquire and deliver the best innovative products to CMA members, Joule recently announced a collaboration with World Health Innovation Network (WIN). Through this relationship Joule help physicians lead health system transformation. “Joule remains dedicated to helping physicians take their ventures from ideation to commercialization; improving patient care through access to cutting edge products and services; and improve patient outcomes,” says Ms. David.

Heading into its second year, Joule is looking forward to augmenting its Joule Innovation program by working with industry leaders and by providing the platform for physician collaboration, and a marketplace for emerging products and valuable resources to assist CMA members in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Additionally, Joule is developing new course curriculums for its Physician Leadership Institute, planning to update its app with additional clinical resources, bringing new products to CMA members and preparing to launch its own website in summer of 2017.

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