Joule to collaborate with leading tech company to help physicians improve patient outcomes

Ottawa (ON) - May 09, 2017

Joule, the Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA) newest company, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Output, a Silicon Valley innovation platform services provider dedicated to helping organizations implement disruptive innovation. Together, these two companies will help CMA physician members pursue initiatives to improve patient care by removing barriers tobringing ventures to market and stimulating creativity. Joule’s innovation platform, powered by Output, will provide physicians with opportunities to engage on the matter of innovation, share and test potential solutions and gain access to the latest healthcare innovations. Ultimately, the goals are to stimulate innovation and improve patient outcomes.

Canadians have become accustomed to the rapid pace of change that technology has brought to their personal and professional lives and increasingly, they expect their health care system to keep pace—identifying innovative solutions to the challenges of an aging population, wait times, system efficiencies and driving better health for Canadians. “Joule and Output are working together to create an opportunity for physicians in Canada, and elsewhere, to advance innovative solutions to health care issues,” says Lindee David, CEO of Joule. “We believe that physicians, being on the frontlines of health care, are in a unique position to identify and drive solutions that can have a real impact on patient outcomes—we’re making it easier for them to achieve success.”

Output, a leader in innovation platforms, has 15 years’ experience identifying and implementing disruptive solutions for a broad-range of clients—from leading edge start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Using a proven disruptive methodology and nimble technology, Output accelerates its clients’ capacity to stimulate ideas, develop products and implement services and processes. Joule and CMA members will benefit from Output’s start-up experience and its proven track-record in helping clients bring ideas to market. For more information please visit

Joule is an innovative company created by the Canadian Medical Association to provide CMA members with cutting-edge products and services and to help drive physician-led innovation. Through innovation grants, mentorship, collaborative relationships and by removing obstacles to commercialization, Joule is committed to making it easier for physicians to be innovators and entrepreneurs.

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