Joule to bring innovative, e-health programs to physicians and their patients

June 07, 2017

Joule, the Canadian Medical Association’s newest company, announces a new collaboration with Clinemetrica, a Montreal-based health and wellness company that offers solutions designed to help individuals attain the best possible physical and mental health throughout their lifetime.

Centered on the scientifically validated interventions developed at the McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program (CHIP), Clinemetrica’s e-health programs are designed to be engaging, enjoyable, and to make participants feel happier and healthier as quickly as possible. The faculty and staff at CHIP believe that making healthy lifestyle changes is a long-term commitment and few of us will succeed if we are not having fun along the way.

Clinemetrica’s web-based programs, including and their recently launched workplace platform,, are based on the best scientific evidence available and ongoing research to maximize the probability of success for each participant. The Canadian Medical Association and Joule support Clinemetrica in their delivery of these programs, which are now being used by employees, physicians, and their patients.

To learn more about these services, we invite you to visit,, or to contact Clinemetrica directly at

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