Physician innovator, CMA member wins prestigious Governor General’s Award

OTTAWA - May 31, 2016

 Dr. Breanne Everett was recognized last week at the Governor General’s inaugural Innovation Awards held at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. The awards celebrate Canadian trailblazers who have made a significant impact in their communities with innovative solutions and dedication to improving Canada’s future.

The Calgarian was honored for her achievements in health care as the CEO and co-founder of Orpyx Medical Technologies. Orpyx provides wearable sensor platforms for patients with diabetes with “peripheral neuropathy”—otherwise known as numb feet, a common symptom of the disease.

As a plastic surgeon, Everett was seeing patients who had done major damage to the soles of their feet without being aware of it—sometimes resulting in amputations.

“I realized there were areas of health care that absolutely needed innovation in order to better provide care to patients,” says Everett. “I’ve always been focused on how things could be done differently; it was just applying that level of thinking to medicine.”

The insoles she created re-establish a sensory loop in the foot so that patients can once again feel sensation. Everett aims to make the company a world leader in innovating and developing wearable medical sensor-based technologies and sensory substitution systems.

Dr. Everett is a member of Joule’s Innovation Council, helping to lead the company’s work in providing innovative solutions to physicians across Canada.

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